27 NovToday's Phrase - 'Drives You Up the Wall'

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TODAY’S PRHASE: 'drives you up the wall'

If something 'drives you up the wall', it makes you very irritated and angry.


This computer is really driving me up the wall; it keeps crashing!

Shopping for jeans drives her up the wall. She can never find a pair that fit her.

You are driving me up the wall! Will you stop singing that awful song now


Barry, I have read the service manaul (repeatedly) and numerous other online posts on Stromtrooper and VStrom.info and yours is BY FAR the clearest and most helpful of the bunch. I had given up on doing the adjustment needed (I have one valve out of spec at 32,000 miles) because I could not get comfortable that I could do it correctly! Now, after reading your excellent write up, I am going to tackle it myself! Thanks a million for doing such a great job of documenting the process!Vic

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