13 MayoCambridge: One of the Most Beautiful Cities in Europe!

Although you wouldn’t believe it by looking up at the sky, summer is just around the corner.
This means thinking about our plans for our holidays. Do we go to the beach or the mountains? In Spain or abroad? To help with the difficult decision I am going to tell you a little bit about one of our destinations for the summer, Cambridge.
Cambridge is a university town about 80 km from London. It has a rich and wonderful history. Most of which is dominated by the University of Cambridge. The University Of Cambridge was founded in 1209 and is consistently ranked among the top five universities in the world. Some notable alumni include: Sir Francis Bacon, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking, Sir Ian Mckellen, Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G) and many more.  
Cambridge is also famous for it’s beauty. There is a wonderful combination of cobbled courts, chapels, gardens and bridges, but Cambridge is by no means out dated - dramatic modern architecture sits side by side with the traditional, and lovers of architecture will find much to admire.
Cambridge is home to the famous Footlights Review that has given us comedy giants Stephen Fry, David Mitchell and the Monty Python team. If you are lucky, you can check out the latest Footlights show at the ADC Theatre. There are 4 wonderful theatres in the city, three cinemas, three large concert halls for classical and rock music and many smaller venues for drama, dance, comedy and music of all kinds.
However, if music and theatre is not your thing and you prefer the great outdoors and sporting activities then you’re in luck. You can get on your bike and do what the locals do – Cambridge is a city of cyclists and bikes can be hired for exploring the city and beyond. You can take a dip in the longest outdoor swimming pool in the country at Jesus Green, slide down the flumes at Parkside Pools or have a game of tennis at one of the public outdoor courts.
Whatever you like doing, I’m sure you’ll find it in Cambridge. We can highly recommend this vibrant city that is bursting with culture and character.  
Why not check out our website to learn more about the courses we offer in Cambridge.
 You can also find more information about the city on their tourist information website. http://www.visitcambridge.org/VisitCambridge/Home.aspx

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