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Easter Break

Welcome back I hope you all enjoyed your Easter break and are back recharged and ready for the last term. 
This Easter for the first time in four years I stayed in Spain. And I must say that it was a completely new and i9nteresting experience. I witnessed a tradition which for an Englishman seems rather unusual and at times overwhelming. 
For the Easter weekend I made the short journey to Corral de Almaguer in Toledo. Once there I couldnt help but notice that there was a buzz about town and only one topic of conversation on everyones lips, the processions. When people say processions it conjures images of marching bands, colourful costumes and an atmosphere of fun and frivolity.  You can imagine my surprise then when confronted with a sombre occasion with slow funeral like marches through the narrow winding streets of this small pueblo.
As nothing like this takes place in England it came as quite a shock and gave the impression of a sad occasion with little joy. This was until you looked at the bigger picture. Regardles of your religious beliefs moments like this bring people together. This is especially evident in a small town. You had people of all ages and backgrouds working together for a common cause, helping one another and showing each other           the common courtacies and respect that are so often missing from our day to day lives. 
This is what I think can be taken away from moments like these no matter what the reason for the gathering of people. 
Although not really my style I am glad to have seen what is such and important event in so many peoples lives. 
This is just a short account of what I did on my Easter holidays. Why dont you leave comments and let us know about what you did. 

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