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18 DicChristmas in... the Philippines

Vocabulario Inglés
In some countries, like Germany and Czech Republic, Santa comes on December 6th which is also called St Nicholas Day. In others, like Ireland, the UK and the USA, he comes on the night of the 24th December, Christmas Eve. And then there are countries who exchange gifts brought by the Three Kings, also known as the Three Wise Men, on the night before the Epiphany.

16 DicToday's Phrase - Break a Leg

Expresiones en Inglés
Break a leg - a way of wishing someone, usually involved in the theatrical industry, 'good luck'.
It is often said that the expression comes from Ancient Greece when the audience, instead of applauding, would stomp their feet to show appreciation for a performance. If they stomped for long enough they would then break their leg, a sign that the show was fantastic!
Stomp - to step heavily