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30 MarEaster is here!

¿Qué Significa Easter?

After nearly three months of hard work and study I'm sure you're all looking forward to a well deserved break. Well done to all those who have had exams and achieved their goals.

Before you completely switch off I wanted to give you one last thing to think about.

What is Easter?

As you can see from the picture above there is a common modern comercial theme of chicks, rabbits and chocolate eggs. In reality these symbols of Easter date back to the Pagan origins.

07 MarFalse Friend Friday

Vocabulario Inglés

False Friend Friday

There are several words in Spanish that are similar in English, but have a different meaning.  These are often confused by Spanish people learning English. This week I’m going to start by giving you three of these false friends or false cognates. Every week I will give you two more so that you can gradually build your own false friend dictionary.  Here are your first three: