Entradas de Campamento Ávila

04 JulDay two…English class, a birthday and animals, oh my!

Early morning wake-up’s are always so much more fun with music and dancing! Today was Eva’s 12th birthday and everyone started the day by hearing “Happy Birthday” over the music system at 8:30 am sharp. Before breakfast, per usual, all the kids made their way outside for some early morning games and exercise…and while it wasn’t a competition, the girls definitely beat the boys when it came to their cartwheel technique!


03 JulDay one… Aaaaand we’re back! Welcome to Gredos Summer Camp!

11 o’ clock on a Sunday morning and that oh so familiar sound of gravel crunching under tyres filters in from outside. Car doors slam, suitcases roll, and kids exclaim in excitement “Look! A goat!”. This is can only mean one thing. WE’RE BACK! And it’s going to be another summer of fun and games at Gredos Summer Camp – ohhh yeah!

18 MayoGuía rápida para hijos y padres: cómo sobrevivir a un campamento de verano

¿Hueles las vacaciones? ¡Ya casi están aquí! Anochece más tarde, tenemos más ganas de pasar tiempo en la calle, los nervios por los exámenes finales crecen por segundos y vamos tachando los días en el calendario esperando a que abran de una vez la piscina. A estas alturas del año seguro que ya sabes qué vas a hacer este verano. Hay quien se decanta por las tradicionales vacaciones en la playa con la familia, otros que prefieren viajar a conocer otros países o coger su mochila y hacer un interrail.

24 JulDay Twenty Nine... Goodbye for now!

As music filled camp for the last time this year, the campers hurried downstairs to make the most of their time together before breakfast. There were chess games to be completed, table tennis matches to be held and lots of chit chat to be had about the party the night before.

After filling up on breakfast and now full of energy it was time to finish packing our suitcases and getting everything ready before the campers’ parents began arriving.