Entradas de Campamento Ávila

30 JunDay Three... Wanna feed the animals?

This morning, camp was bustling with the sound of English as students spent another morning learning about Life on a Farm. The ducks were kept busy with some flashcard activities to review the vocabulary they had just learned while the horses combined their classes for a little friendly competition. The atmosphere during the quiz was electric with students vying to be the first to answer each question and win valuable points for their team.



29 JunDay One... Aaaaand we're back... Welcome campers of 2015!

The sound of suitcases being pulled along the ground, car doors closing, excited greetings, “What’s your name? Where are you from? How old are you?” - all of this can only mean one thing… Midleton School Summer Camp is back again!


Eleven o’ clock in the morning and we already had our first campers running around the games room in a flurry of activity. Once everybody had arrived, it was time for the games to begin. How else were we going to get to know our fellow campers and find our new BFFs (that’s Best Friends Forever)? 


14 JulDay Fifteen - What do you do at a Barbecue? Dance, of course!

For the last two weeks, our campers have followed the same routine every morning. First, we wake up to the latest chart hit (or a One Direction song), then, we have a little dance (or do some exercise in the field) and finally, we tuck into breakfast and talk about the night before or the day ahead (while Edurne fills her cup with 2/3 of the Cola Cao) and with today being the last day here at Fuente Alberche we weren’t going to break from tradition.