Entradas de Campamento Ávila

15 JulDay 14 - Adventures in Ávila

The final full day of camp! How did that happen?!

Straight after breakfast we set off for Ávila. The kids all sang all the way on the bus (and in English - I'm amazed how well they know the lyrics to so many songs!). When we arrived, we sat and had a quick snack on the grass just in front of the walls, before setting off to explore. It was a hot day so we made sure to stop a lot for water breaks!

14 JulDay 13 - a busy one!

(Photos coming soon!)

Well, the last week day of camp was certainly fun-packed!

The children woke up pretty early in their tents, and helped to take them down before coming in for breakfast. Then it was straight on to the last English class of the week, and the camp. The time really has flown by.

The Horses finished their booklet about space and played some space-related games. The Goats made straw-toppers, which they used during the break - I loved Lucía's satellite!

13 JulDay 12 - under the stars

The day started as usual with a run round the field, before English classes. The Horses finished their booklet, and wrote stories about space. Dani told me about his group's story, involving a platypus invasion on Mars - they've all got amazing imaginations!

The Goats have been learning about space too, and each made a planet. Lucía and Lucía put in a lot of effort and made beautiful planets.

12 JulDay 11 - off to the pool again!

Breakfast this morning was special - we had the cake that the kids made yesterday, and it was really good! Each group had made a different flavour so we all tried them all - my personal favourite was the coconut.

English classes flew by as everyone knew that straight afterwards, we were off to the pool! The campers were all singing happily in the bus the whole way (and in English!) - even the driver was smiling at the cheerful sound.