10 JulDay 10 - let's make a cake!

The campers all seemed to have a lot of energy this morning so they went for a run around the field before breakfast. At breakfast time, we changed the table arrangement in the dining room. Up until now, we’ve had all the tables joined together, and the campers free to choose where they wanted to sit (which of course meant always with the same people!). Today we separated the tables and told the children where to sit, to encourage them to sit with new people. At lunch time, when we asked them if they wanted to go back to free choice tomorrow, they said they didn’t!

10 JulDay 9 - just another manic Monday

So now we're into a new week at our summer camp. The campers were up for pre-breakfast activities again, and after breakfast they went off to their English classes.

The Horses were learning about fashion. They spoke about the changes in fashion through history, and Steve, their teacher, told me how impressed he was at the knowledge and maturity shown. Noelia, Eva, Alberto and Carla are all getting on really well with their classmates.

08 JulDay 7 - Paintballing!

During the night, the naughty camp fairies came to give the campers a gentle reminder…

Yes, that’s made with shoes. ALL of their shoes. So first thing this morning, we had some confused children looking for their shoes until they peered down to the patio… They then had fun finding their shoes and untying them!

Once they had all found their shoes, they went out for a dance on the field. They're getting good!