04 JulDay two…English class, a birthday and animals, oh my!

Early morning wake-up’s are always so much more fun with music and dancing! Today was Eva’s 12th birthday and everyone started the day by hearing “Happy Birthday” over the music system at 8:30 am sharp. Before breakfast, per usual, all the kids made their way outside for some early morning games and exercise…and while it wasn’t a competition, the girls definitely beat the boys when it came to their cartwheel technique!


03 JulDay one… Aaaaand we’re back! Welcome to Gredos Summer Camp!

11 o’ clock on a Sunday morning and that oh so familiar sound of gravel crunching under tyres filters in from outside. Car doors slam, suitcases roll, and kids exclaim in excitement “Look! A goat!”. This is can only mean one thing. WE’RE BACK! And it’s going to be another summer of fun and games at Gredos Summer Camp – ohhh yeah!