10 JulDay seven… Thrilla in a Villa

Rise and shine campers!!! First Saturday of camp and you know that means!! AVILA!

After breakfast we had to clean up our rooms a bit, starting to pack up our suitcases a bit, and those who are LUCKY ENOUGH to be staying TWO WEEKS (Yayyyy!!) had to strip their beds and get their wash together so everything could get washed and smell like roses again…or at least for a day or two!

07 JulDay five… Lighting, Camera, Action!!!!

Today started with rain and didn’t stop once!! But never fear, we didn’t let the wetness get us down! We started with lots of dancing, Disney hits and the ever so popular Cha-Cha Slide…practicing our clapping and stomping and the difficult task of remembering our left vs. right! Everyone got funky and learned what it meant to crisscross!!

05 JulDay four... Too Pool for School!!

Jazzy jams woke up the campers this morning, fitting because everyone was jazzed up for the field trip to the pool! After a quick room clean up and packing of our backpacks, water bottles, sunscreens and hats of course, the morning exercise began! Relay races, the crap walk and even the army crawl were involved... Hugo was the clear winner of the army crawl and wow was he fast!

05 JulDay three…Alien invasion!!!!

Tuesday started with a bang, lots of reggae music, and some drowsy-eyed campers, sleepy from all of the fun that was had the night before but well rested and more than ready for the new day! Everyone quickly woke up and made their way to the field for some very funny dancing.  The boys danced much better than their cartwheels from yesterday, just look at Daniel, Daniel, Ruben and Alonso!!