20 JulDay seventeen… Keepin' it CLAYssy

Tuesday morning brought about a refreshing sunrise. Our summer camp woke up in relaxed and happy spirits. After a rhythmic morning exercise, we delighted in a hearty breakfast to prepare for an energizing English class. The youngsters studied reptiles, mammals, birds, and amphibians through colorful songs, fun charades and Pictionary as well as unforgettable conversations. In the other classroom, the older kids acted out each other's personality in a hilarious and entertaining theatre. 

20 JulDay sixteen…MOOOnday

8:30am and the loud speaker is already bumping! What better way to start the final week here in Gredos than with our summer favorite, Cha Cha Slide!! The oldies and newbies were off to a perfect start this week coming together with this great song. After the campers first night of sleep at Fuente Alberche, we made our way out to the field for the first morning working, indulging in the beautiful views of the sun rising over the mountains, and the peaceful sounds of the nature all around.

18 JulDay fifteen…Sunday Funday!!

Sunday morning here at Fuente Alberche and you know what this means… time to say goodbye some campers and hello to many more new smiley faces! The morning flew by in the blink of an eye, between the early morning exercise, breakfast, and finishing to pack up their suitcases, parents started arriving before we even knew it! We did however have time to fit in the market, everyone getting to spend all their hard earned coins from over the week, buying lots of trinkets for themselves, their parents and even their new friends!