25 JulDay twenty-two…All Good Things Must Come To An End

Today is Sunday July 23rd, and we find ourselves looking back at the past month and asking ourselves where the time’s gone! It seems like just yesterday we arrived ourselves, us teachers and monitors, and met the fabulous Fuente Alberche hosts, Florentino, Aurora, Alejandro and Hector, having our first BBQ under the stars, with jitters of excitement for the arrival of our first campers the following day.

25 JulDay twenty-one…HAPPY BIRHTDAY EDURNE!!!!

Last Saturday of summer camp here at Fuente Alberche and it started with a bang! First and foremost by singing Happy Birthday to Edurne, followed by classics, new and old from the Rolling Stones to the Backstreet Boys, blaring through the hallways, the campers were quick to get up and get the day started. We made our way outside to get in a little morning run and stretch in and it was off to breakfast. Cake for breakfast?? I think so!! Shortly after, after preparing our bags and getting out picnic lunch, we loaded up the bus and made out way to Avila!

23 JulDay twenty… Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Today marked the last class of not only the week but of the summer and Gredos Summer camp! These adventurous third week campers decided that they wanted to spend their last Thursday night under the stars so that is what we did! After a peaceful slumber, we awoke with the sun to pack up the tents and get this beautiful Friday underway. Every good day at camp obviously starts with the Cha Cha Slide, so before making our way back indoors, we played it and got our blood pumping!

20 JulDay eighteen… Wild Water Wednesday

Wednesday started out like a normal day. We woke up jammin' to pump-up music, ate breakfast, and went to English class. And the twists of the day began. 

The Ducks pushed their bravery to the limit. After creating adorable animal creatures, they picked songs and choreographed dances, completing the sentence, "If animals could dance, they would dance like..." When the stage was set and dress rehearsal finalized, it was time to invite our guests. The whole camp came to watch the show and celebrated the Ducks' hard work.