12 JulDay Fourteen - The Campers go marching two by two to Ávila

After last night’s party extravaganza, the students were surprisingly quick to rise this morning. Being the last full day on camp, nobody wanted to miss a second of the action. Breakfast was bustling – the chatter of the campers filled the dining room as talk turned from the events of the previous night to the day ahead. What were we going to do to make the last day as memorable as possible?

12 JulDay Thirteen - We like to Partyyyy!

This morning the students woke up to a different beat—jazz standards! Although it was the first time many had heard such music, they seemed to quite enjoy it and were pretending to swing dance—until Andrea took over the CD player put on the ubiquitous One Direction song we’ve heard every day here at the farm. However we have another group of students who every morning go out with monitor Ales to warm up and practice kung-fu out on the farm.

10 JulDay Twelve - In, On, Under...

Fresh from a long night’s sleep, the campers were awake and ready in a record breaking twelve minutes this morning, a stark contrast to yesterday’s thirty three minutes, and as promised we were going to do a healthy morning workout in the field. We had press ups, sit ups, running, skipping and all other kinds of stretches to clear our minds and set us up for the day.
Campamentos de Inglés en España

08 JulDay Ten - "Let's Go Fly a Kite, Up to the Highest Height"

We decided to change the routine up a little this morning. Instead of the usual musical wake-up call and dance routine, we decided to give the campers a healthy dose of exercise to get their bodies up and running for the day. Outside in the field, the campers learned some more kung fu routines to help prepare them for the day ahead.
Campamentos de Inglés en España