06 JulDay Nine... Water, water everywhere especially in the student's hair




The sound of thirty five pairs of feet bouncing off the floor echoed about the campsite this morning as the campers undertook their Monday morning wakeup dance. This week’s arrivals brought with them some new dance moves and they were dying to show them off to their fellow campers.


05 JulDay Eight... Goodbyeeeee Old Friends / Hellooooo New Friends

After last night’s party, the campers were in need of a nice long sleep and sleep they certainly did. At nine o’clock the music played and twenty one sleepy heads peered out the windows into the patio. But, one by one, they began to notice something a little odd – each of them had gained a tattoo overnight. A TATTOO? Yup, a tattoo. Some had been tagged on their face, others on their arms, others on their legs. Who did they point the finger of blame at? Each other? You must be kidding – all eyes rested on the teachers and monitors. Can you believe it?

03 JulDay Six... Adventures down by the river

Who can believe it’s Friday already? Certainly not me! For some of our campers, today marked the last day of lessons after a week filled with learning.


In fact, let’s have a look and see just what the Ducks got up to this week in class.


"We've had a great first week! We learnt a lot of new things about animals and about life on the farm. We also played lots and lots of fun games (to practice and review all of our new vocabulary of course).

03 JulAn Insightful Hello from English Teacher Elijah

Technology is changing and becoming more important in the world, just like English! This week in class, we learned about different inventions and uses as well as showing a typical mobile text message. Like in Spanish, some English words are changed to a shortened form. For example: "Message" changes to " MSG", "Tomorrow" changes to "2moro". As you can see in the photos, we leared and practiced using English text message lingo! Here are some examples from Juan, Ana Belén, Guillermo and Miguel, Juan and Luis:

OMG! You won the cup!