10 JulDay Thirteen... How many fish can you catch?

Campers woke up this morning to the sounds of nature - birds tweeting, sheep and goats bleating, chickens clucking… As the door on each tent zipped open, heads peered out ready to greet the day.


Friday always tends to be a happy day on camp. We have the excursion to the river to look forward to and on hot summer days like this, it’s always so nice to have a quick dip or a long soak in the freshly flowing water.

Today, Andrea (the Rabbits' teacher) gives us an update on how things are going. 


08 JulDay Ten... Getting Messy in the Kitchen


“OK, next. Everybody down… and ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE!”

Five press ups, five squats, five of everything – the morning wake up routine sure isn’t easy but these campers make it look like a piece of cake.




Everyone was hard at work in class this morning, but let’s check in with Christina and the DUCKS to find out what they’ve been doing over the last few days.