03 AbrToday's Phrase - 'To Break the Ice'

Expresiones en Inglés
To break the ice means to get people who have not met before to feel relaxed and to start talking to each other.
She said, "Here's a game that's guaranteed to break the ice at parties".

The room was silent, so he told a joke to break the ice.

Sometimes it's very difficult to break the ice with our new students because they are so shy.

19 FebTwo of the Scariest Words in English - Phrasal Verbs

Gramática Inglesa
Sometimes it’s easier to learn phrasal verbs by grouping together those which share a similar meaning.
For example:                                                         
To Leave
                   To go away     (leave for an unspecified period of time,
                                             usually on a trip)

14 Feb'Panda Fridays'

Fondo Mundial para la Naturaleza
Organization: World Wildlife Fund.
Location: Washington.
Employees: 404 locally; 2,500 worldwide.
Every other Friday, the typical hustle and bustle at the World Wildlife Fund’s Washington office comes to a halt. That’s because the organization closes its doors for one day every other week, a schedule that helps it meet dual goals of conservation and work-life balance.