23 AbrPhrasal Verbs Expressing 'Growth' or 'Increase'

Gramática Inglesa
Grow up         -           To mature / become an adult / to grow mentally
                                     e.g. I can’t believe my youngest son is almost
                                     18. It seems like yesterday that he was born.
                                     They grow up so fast.

18 Abr Would and Wood /wʊd/

Pronunciacion Inglés
The ‘W’ sound in ‘wood’/‘would’ can be difficult for Spanish speakers. Usually, it comes out like a ‘g’ as in ‘good’ /gʊd/, at other times you hear it with a ‘b’ as in ‘bud’ and sometimes you even hear people say it with a ‘v’ – ‘vud’. Whichever of the three you may use, they are wrong, wrong and WRONG!
So what exactly is the correct pronunciation of these homophones?