03 JunPractical Pronunciation - 'gh' Sound

Pronunciación Inglés
There are two main ways of pronouncing the ‘gh’ sound in English – as a silent sound (meaning it isn’t pronounced at all) or as an ‘f’ sound.
Categorise the words below into ‘f’ sounding ‘gh’ words and silent sounding ‘gh’ words.
Cough                         Weigh             Dough             Enough                       Although

30 MayoCheesy Expressions

Expresiones en Inglés
The big cheese is the most important or powerful person in a group or organisation.
The big cheese is coming to visit our office today - she's the owner of the whole company!
I don't want to work as a secretary all my life. One day, I'm going to be the big cheese!
If two people are like chalk and cheese, they are very different to each other.

29 MayoEasily Confused Words

Vocabulario Inglés
Affect              – verb; to influence normally in an adverse way
Effect              – noun; something that is produced by a cause
Memory          – a recollection of a particular event, person, place or
Souvenir         – an object that recalls a specific memory, place or

27 MayoPhrasal Verbs Meaning 'Finish'

Gramática Inglesa
Finish off             - Finish something completely
                               Finish off exercises 1 – 6 for homework
Finish up             - Finish what you are doing regardless of whether it is complete or not
                               Start finishing up now and we’ll correct the exercise
Finish with          - To be finished using something