27 JulDay Twenty Nine... Time To Say Goodbye

Up bright and early, it was the campers who turned on the musical alarm and filled Fuente Alberche with musical beats for the final time this year.


This morning was going to be jam packed.  There were suitcases to be packed, phone numbers to be exchanged, baby goats to be held, and time to be spent playing with those who have made our stay on camp that extra bit special.


27 JulDay Twenty Eight.. It's Not So Easy To Get Out Of A Tent

The camp was in darkness. While the campers were nestled all snug in their tents, the teachers and monitors put their best ninja skills to the test. Tiptoeing from tent to tent, they slowly unzipped the door, careful not to awaken those inside. Some unfortunate fellows were tagged with whiskers and drawings, others had their shoes hidden far away, and all of them had the outer cover of their tent moved to the back making escaping through the front door a little more complicated than it would normally be.


23 JulDay Twenty Six... Groundhog Day On Camp

All week, campers have been playing different jokes and pranks on each other and the monitors. With this being the final Thursday, the monitors decided to have a little fun of our own.


Like every other day on camp, students woke up to the latest pop tunes. However, they were mildly confused when, at breakfast, the monitors began to sing Happy Birthday to Edurne and re-gifted her the cards and presents (freshly wrapped might I add) from the night before.