30 JunDay Four… Time to get our feet wet!

It was the sound of excited chatter that echoed around the camp this morning as each and every camper knew very well that today we were off to the swimming pool, hooray! But also because we had a couple of visitors during the night - Ratoncito Pérez paid a visit to Eva and left her a beautiful bracelet! And the campers woke up this morning with mysterious drawings on their faces, arms and legs! Hmmmm, who is the culprit? Everybody seems to have an idea of who it might be....... To be continued....... 

28 JunDay Two… Classes begin!

We started off today with our musical alarm and then it was out into the field to wake ourselves up with a dance routine! We took turns to get in the middle of the circle and show off our dance moves that everybody had to try and copy. Monitor Pedro then taught us a brilliant dance routine that we’ll be perfecting as the week goes on. The campers have definitely got some talent!

After we’d headed back inside and had a delicious breakfast, off the campers went for their first morning of classes.