04 JulDay Eight… Goodbye old friends… And hello new ones!

It was a big day for us on camp today, starting off with Eva’s 11th birthday! Happy birthday to you Eva, we hope you’re enjoying your day! Apart from singing happy birthday to Eva last night at the end of our party, and again in her bedroom before we went to sleep, this morning at breakfast all the campers gathered around while she blew out the candles on her cupcake cake! 

03 JulDay Seven... The sights of Ávila!

Our relaxing day at the river yesterday meant that it took us a little longer to get going this morning, so it was straight into breakfast and then back upstairs to prepare our bags and put on our sun cream and hats ready to jump on the bus to Ávila!

Once we arrived, it was onto the train for a tour around the city to see the walls and the ‘cuatro postes’ from wher you can look back and see the whooooole city! The train dropped us back by the Arco de San Vicente and we found a beautiful shady spot to sit and have a picnic for lunch.