10 JulDay Fourteen... River tales and party time!

The beat of the drum awoke the campers this morning as sleepy heads emerged from the tents. To everyone’s surprise their shoes had disappeared from outside each tent – has the Red Fox made another appearance?! Luckily the campers found them scattered around the field and were able to recover them for a Zumba routine with Andrea. Now full of energy we ate up a well- earned breakfast.

09 JulDay Thirteen… Fresh Grass, Forest Boar, Proud Squirrel…

It was a beauuuuuutiful morning when we woke up today! Not a grey cloud in sight! Our day began out on the field with Héctor and some stretching and breathing exercises. He taught us how to breathe using our diaphragm so that we use the lower half of our lungs that don’t get used as much as the top part.

08 JulDay Twelve... Midleton School Summer Camp's Got Talent!

It was a sleepy bunch of campers that trooped down the stairs this morning to be greeted by the shaman and the tribe who serenaded them into breakfast to the beat of the drums.And what better way to wake up than English class! Today we’re heading to the Horses to find out what they’ve been learning: