24 JulDay Twenty Nine... Goodbye for now!

As music filled camp for the last time this year, the campers hurried downstairs to make the most of their time together before breakfast. There were chess games to be completed, table tennis matches to be held and lots of chit chat to be had about the party the night before.

After filling up on breakfast and now full of energy it was time to finish packing our suitcases and getting everything ready before the campers’ parents began arriving.

23 JulDay Twenty Eight... Sunshine, swimming and songs!

When the musical alarm went off this morning the campers were downstairs for breakfast in record time. Could it have anything to do with the fact that today we are finally off to the swimming pool? I think maybe it could!

After breakfast everyone dashed upstairs to prepare their backpacks with their towel, flip flops, water bottle, extra clothes and sweater and once their picnic lunch was safely zipped up inside we were on our way.

22 JulDay Twenty Seven... A beautiful birthday Friday

There were bleary eyes and sleepy faces that emerged from the tents this morning! After a night under the stars the campers trooped in for breakfast no doubt discussing the night before. To everyone’s surprise all our trainers had disappeared from outside the tent. Faces of confusion soon turned to surprise as the campers realised they were hanging from the two goal posts! Who could it have been? Maybe the red fox has made another appearance at camp?

21 JulDay Twenty Six... Under the stars

After having such a good morning workout the last few days, this morning was a little more relaxed outside on the field as we did some stretching with Hector, and he showed us how to breath using the lower part of our bodies so that we put into use the lower half of our lungs that don't get used as much as the top half. Feeling relaxed (and a little peckish!), we sat down for a yummy breakfast. 
Today we're going to say hello to the Ponies and find out what they have been doing: