30 NovToday's Phrase - 'Licking Their Lips'

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TODAY’S PHRASE: 'licking their lips'

We say people are 'licking their lips' when they are about to eat something tasty. The phrase can also be used to describe a person's eagerness about an event in the future.

Examples:My children were licking their lips when they entered the sweet shop.

You'll be licking your lips when you see the roast dinner I've made!
Dave was licking his lips ahead of the crucial football game.

27 NovToday's Phrase - 'Drives You Up the Wall'

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TODAY’S PRHASE: 'drives you up the wall'
If something 'drives you up the wall', it makes you very irritated and angry.


This computer is really driving me up the wall; it keeps crashing!

Shopping for jeans drives her up the wall. She can never find a pair that fit her.

You are driving me up the wall! Will you stop singing that awful song now

21 NovToday's Phrase - 'Down the Pan'

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TODAY’S PHRASE: 'down the pan' or 'down the toilet'
If something goes 'down the pan' or 'down the toilet' it means it is wasted or ruined.

For example:

Mike had great dreams of becoming a rock guitarist, but they went down the pan when he injured his hand.

I'm afraid all that careful preparation we did for Meerka's surprise birthday party went down the pan when her sister told her about it.

He invested all his life's savings in a beautiful, antique car but everything went down the pan when he crashed it the next day.

16 NovToday's Phrase - 'Up to Your Neck'

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TODAY’S PHRASE: 'up to your neck'

If you are 'up to your neck' in something it means you are really busy with it or involved in it.


I'm really up to my neck in work. It's the end of the financial year and I have so many accounts to finish.

Tony owes the bank a lot of money. He's up to his neck in debt.

I'd love to join you this weekend but I really can't. I'm up to my neck in revision for my final exams.