10 DicToday's Phrase - 'I'll Eat My Hat'

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TODAY'S PHRASE: 'I'll eat my hat'

'I'll eat my hat' is an expression people use when they think something is very unlikely to happen.

For example:
If Arsenal win the Champions League, I'll eat my hat!

I don't think I'll make it past the interview stage for this job. If I do, I'll eat my hat!

If the government survives this latest scandal, I'll eat my hat!

07 DicToday's Phrase - 'Snowed Under'

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TODAY’S PHRASE: 'snowed under'
If you are 'snowed under', you have too much to do and not enough time to do it.
For example:
I'm sorry, I can't write that report for you right now – I'm snowed under with work today.

Mum didn't have time to bake a cake; she was snowed under with cooking the dinner.

I'm going to treat myself to a spa weekend. I've been so snowed under this week; I need some time to relax.

04 DicToday's Phrase - 'Are a Big Mouth'

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TODAY’S PHRASE: 'are a big mouth' or 'have a big mouth'
If you 'are a big mouth' or 'have a big mouth' it means you talk too much, especially about things which should be kept secret or avoided.

For example:

Fran's got such a big mouth. She's been telling everyone that I'm engaged. I wanted to tell them myself.

Oh no, me and my big mouth! I made Alex feel upset when I mentioned his dead cat.

Don't be such a big mouth. You should learn to keep other people's problems to yourself.