13 JulDay Eighteen... Like ducks to water

There was a definite air of excitement around camp today as everyone knew that being Wednesday, English classes finish early and it's time for swimsuits, sun cream, hats… yes, you guessed it - the swimming pool! The campers have been looking forward to it for days.

First though, it was time to clear our heads with a bit of a boogie out on the field with Pedro. The campers have grown a little in confidence since the first few days and were showing off some impressive moves this morning! After a run through of our Uptown Funk routine, breakfast was calling!

Bellies full the campers headed off to class. All the classes started new booklets today, with the Ponies beginning the body, the Goats City life: an Eye on Earth and the Horses a World of Fashion. Tomorrow we'll pop over to the Horses to see what they've been up to and on Friday it will be the Ponies' turn! 

Twelve-thirty rolled around soon enough, and the campers were on their way to the pool. Yippee! It was a perfect afternoon for splashing around and playing cards and the afternoon flew by. We enjoyed lunch and a snack over on the grass, and then it was time for one last dip before heading back to camp.

After a nice shower and a delicious dinner, everyone piled into the games room for movie night with their sleeping bags and pillows. I wonder if everyone will be able to keep their eyes open during the movie after all that swimming! Most of them could because tonight's popular choice was Up! After watching half of the film, the campers slowly made their way upstairs and off to sleep they went. See you all tomorrow!

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