23 JulDay Twenty Six... Groundhog Day On Camp

All week, campers have been playing different jokes and pranks on each other and the monitors. With this being the final Thursday, the monitors decided to have a little fun of our own.


Like every other day on camp, students woke up to the latest pop tunes. However, they were mildly confused when, at breakfast, the monitors began to sing Happy Birthday to Edurne and re-gifted her the cards and presents (freshly wrapped might I add) from the night before.


There was also something different about the breakfast room this morning. There was something missing. But what was it? Oh, of course. It was that big spooky Ukrainian painting that had been hanging in the corner and provided the campers with a lot of fuel for their practical jokes.


Anyway, the joke will be played out over the next few days, so we’ll let you know how it turns out but suffice to say these campers are finding it all quite difficult to believe.



Being “Wednesday” today, we were going to the swimming pool in Navarredonda for the last time this summer. That being the case, campers and monitors alike were certain to make it a day to remember.




There was swimming, diving, water wars, underwater acrobatics… This lively bunch definitely left their mark on the place.







Aina perhaps overestimated just a tad when applying sunscreen to her brother's back. With cream to spare,she decided to write a little message for the camera. Can you work out the code? MSSC? Hmmm I wonder... **cough cough** Midleton School Summer Camp **cough cough**



Back to camp and with dinner on the table, we were all surprised to see a mysterious masked figure pass by the patio window. There were screams, shouts, and a giggle or two from campers. Was this another practical joke? Who was playing it this time? Florentino? Hmmmm… I’m sure tomorrow morning some light will be shed on events.


Not to be deterred by a little scare, everyone settled down for the night to watch the final part of this week’s movie, Paddington. 



Tomorrow is the last day of class for 2015. Perhaps there’ll be a surprise or two in store.

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