27 JulDay Twenty Seven... Red Eagle, Honest Horse, Mysterious Jaguar...

Having had two nights of relaxation in front of the cinema screen, campers rose well-rested and ready for their morning exercise routine. Scissor-kicking their way across the yard, the students worked up a sweat before their final class this summer.








Today, the Ducks were in for a treat. They got to create their very own tornado in a bottle by means of a very simple and straightforward experiment. By mixing glitter, water, and washing up liquid in your average water bottle and then giving it a quick swirl in a circular motion, our very own scientists watched as their storm in a bottle formed.



A cheer echoed about the camp as the clocks ticked past half past one and the end of their final class here on camp came to a close.



But just because classes have finished doesn’t mean that the fun has as well. Tonight, was the night that many campers had been looking forward to since they arrived – tonight was our Indian night when we’d camp out in tents under the stars and be baptised with our new names. Before we could do that, however, we would need to create and design our costumes and headbands.








Ok, so now that we looked like Indians, we needed to get a start on building our shelters for the night. Hammer this, bend that, throw them over these et voila, the tents were done.




Before dinner we made a dash for the vegetable patch to help with the weeding and planting of the final seeds of the season.



Post-food, it was back outside we went. After playing some games in the dark, it was bedtime. Campers climbed inside and zipped up the tents looking forward to a nice, calming rest under the stars… But, the monitors had some tricks up their sleeves…





Tune in tomorrow to see what happened next…

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