22 JulDay Twenty Five... Another Birthday Bonanza

Over breakfast this morning the campers were full of chat about the lightning storm that had passed over camp during the night.


Luckily, today there wasn’t a rain cloud in sight and so everyone dawned their high visibility vests and we marched in twos to the river for yet another afternoon of fun.




 After adhering to the appropriate digestion time before swimming, the campers counted down the final seconds before jumping into the water with a massive SPLASH!





After hours of splishing and sploshing, students decided it was the turn of the monitors to get wet. Wrestling them in one by one, the campers succeeded in dunking everyone’s head at least once in the river.





Once we got back to the farm, there was still time for a quick game of volleyball before dinner.






Then, at dinner another surprise was waiting in store for one of our campers. With today being Edurne’s birthday, Aurora prepared one of her famous cakes with which to finish tonight’s feast. With arms laden with cards and gifts, Edurne’s smile couldn’t have got any bigger when her fellow campers belted out “Happy Birthday”.






After watching the first half of the movie Paddington, everyone drifted off to sleep with thoughts of tomorrow’s trip to the swimming pool dancing around inside their heads.

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