27 JulDay Twenty Eight.. It's Not So Easy To Get Out Of A Tent

The camp was in darkness. While the campers were nestled all snug in their tents, the teachers and monitors put their best ninja skills to the test. Tiptoeing from tent to tent, they slowly unzipped the door, careful not to awaken those inside. Some unfortunate fellows were tagged with whiskers and drawings, others had their shoes hidden far away, and all of them had the outer cover of their tent moved to the back making escaping through the front door a little more complicated than it would normally be.


With the sun rising in the sky and the animals and birds coming to life, so our campers began to wake up tent by tent. The teachers and monitors made sure to set their alarms a little early so as not to miss the end result of their pranks.



The zips unrolled tent by tent and the sounds of confusion and laughter began to fill the field. Heads poked out from the tent where the doors should have been and accusations were immediately thrown at the usual suspects… the adults on site.







In order to escape from the heat, and to cool down a tad, we wound our way through the fields on our nature hike, with the final destination being the river. Having had something of a broken night’s sleep from all chitter chatter and prank-playing, some campers decided to have a more laidback time and play cards on the shore. Others were in no doubt – into the river they dived.







In preparation for his performance tonight, our very own Pedro was transformed into a badboy rapper, with Aina and Dolores being happy to draw on his new gangsta' tattoos.



Back on camp, all showered and dried, it was time to feed the animals. Campers bubbled with excitement when they were told that today they’d get to meet and feed the horses up close and personal. With arms laden with bread and hay, we walked around the farm, dropping off the food as we went.











For our final night on camp, we decided to put on a talent show. Performances on the night included solving a Rubik’s Cube in under two-minutes, a silent play, and an acrobatics display of sorts. As the final performance came to a close, the lights flickered and silence deafened the stage aka the patio. 



The masked phantom made a return, running into the room and heading straight for the campers. There were screams and then something unexpected happened. Michael Jackson’s Thriller began to play and our terrorising guest began to dance. Seconds later, the campers’ fears turned to excitement as they rushed the stage and danced alongside.



With the phantom’s identity revealed (you’ll have to ask if you wanna know who it was), the campers filtered off to bed for one final sleep before they’re reunited with their parents and families.


Tomorrow sees the end of another year at Midleton School Summer Camp, let’s see what’s in store.

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