Entradas de Campamento Ávila

23 JulDay Twenty Six... Groundhog Day On Camp

All week, campers have been playing different jokes and pranks on each other and the monitors. With this being the final Thursday, the monitors decided to have a little fun of our own.


Like every other day on camp, students woke up to the latest pop tunes. However, they were mildly confused when, at breakfast, the monitors began to sing Happy Birthday to Edurne and re-gifted her the cards and presents (freshly wrapped might I add) from the night before.


22 JulDay Twenty Four... Pat-a-cake Pat-a-cake baker's man

Morning time flew in and before we knew it, it was time for the first of today’s activities – baking bread. The moment the bowls of flour and yeast touched the table, campers’ hands dived right in to mix and crumble the two together. Once we had a very fine powder, each student was given their portion with which to bake their bread.