Entradas de Campamento Ávila

15 JulDay Twenty... Down to the river, down to the river we go!

It’s been a beautiful day here at camp, so we took advantage of the lovely weather and went outside for our morning exercise this morning. Hector took us through some stretches, and although there were a few groans here and there it definitely did us all the world of good! Feeling refreshed the campers went in for breakfast and to get ready for their last class of the week.

Today we are stopping by the Ponies class to find out what they have been learning:

14 JulDay Nineteen... Breadmaking and bullseyes

It was a bit chilly outside this morning so we decided to dance our socks off to wake up in the patio. The campers must have been practicing (maybe in their sleep?) because this morning there were all kinds of moves and shapes being shown off! Ratoncito Pérez paid us a visit last night because three (yes three!) teeth fell out, and Alfonso, Iker and Adrián woke to find a gift in their place!

After breakfast it was time for class and today we are stopping by the Horses to find out how their week has been going: