Entradas de Campamento Ávila

21 JulDay Twenty Six... Under the stars

After having such a good morning workout the last few days, this morning was a little more relaxed outside on the field as we did some stretching with Hector, and he showed us how to breath using the lower part of our bodies so that we put into use the lower half of our lungs that don't get used as much as the top half. Feeling relaxed (and a little peckish!), we sat down for a yummy breakfast. 

Today we're going to say hello to the Ponies and find out what they have been doing:

18 JulDay Twenty Three... Water, water everywhere!

After waking up to our musical alarm this morning, out on the field we did a bit of vigorous exercise thanks to Hector who put us through our paces once again. There were cartwheels, handstands, lizards, knees to elbows, arms in the air – you name it, we did it! Everyone was more than ready for breakfast afterwards. Some of the campers woke up with mysterious tattoos this morning....hmmmmm.....they have an idea who the culprit may be, but who knows!

18 JulDay Twenty Two... Goodbyes, hellos, and games galore

We were up and packing away this morning as sadly it was time for Iván, Alfonso, Claudia, Alejandro, Juan, Miguel, Pablo, Raúl and Javier to head home for the holidays – have a great summer guys! It was great having you here on camp with us! After mobile numbers had been exchanged, numerous hugs had been given and we had waved goodbye from the stairs, before we knew it there were cars pulling up outside camp and a new group of campers had joined us for our last week.