16 Abr'I' before 'E' except after 'C'

Errores Comunes en Inglés
Can you identify the correct form of these commonly misspelled words? Choose option A or B from the list below. You can check your answers at the end of the page to see how you've done.
              A                                    B

  1. Innoculate                  Inoculate


  1. Occassionally           Occasionally


09 AbrToday's Phrase

Expresiones en Inglés
If someone says "you're toast" it means you are, or will soon be, in a lot of trouble. It is often used as a warning.

A physical object can also be 'toast', which means it has been destroyed.
If you make a mistake in your monthly report again, you're toast! You really have to be more careful.

He crashed his car last week and completely destroyed it. It was toast.

04 AbrPhrasal Verbs Meaning 'Start'

Gramática Inglesa
To dive into something         -           to start doing something enthusiastically, often without thinking
Our mistake was to dive into the work without much preparation.
To strike up a conversation -           To start/begin a conversation with someone
Whilst waiting in the doctor’s, I stuck up a conversation with the patient beside me.

03 AbrToday's Phrase - 'To Break the Ice'

Expresiones en Inglés
To break the ice means to get people who have not met before to feel relaxed and to start talking to each other.
She said, "Here's a game that's guaranteed to break the ice at parties".

The room was silent, so he told a joke to break the ice.

Sometimes it's very difficult to break the ice with our new students because they are so shy.